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[audio]A phone message from the Washington State Democrats - Recogitare

Keywords: democrats, washington
Downloads: 139
[movies]Lifting the Veil
Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist 'democracy'
Keywords: Obama; democrats; democracy
Downloads: 143
[movies]hypocrisy.mp4 - unknown
F-ing hypocrites. Warning: may contain offensive material.
Keywords: democrats; liars; wmds; bush
Downloads: 158
[movies]Joe Biden on The Stakes - Joe Biden
Joe Biden on Roberts Nomination
Keywords: Joe Bide; Democrats
Downloads: 174
[movies]Howard Dean on Moral Choices - Howard Dean
Howard Dean on Moral Choices
Keywords: Howard Dean; Democrats
Downloads: 139
[movies]The Coffee House - Forum - m
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) discusses the Democrats' prospects for winning back the House and Senate and what this change would mean.
Keywords: Democrats; Congress; hearings; elections
Downloads: 155
[texts]Missoula Democrats e-mail
March 9, 2009 E-mail from Missoula County Democrats regarding the 2009 Legislative Session.
Keywords: Montana Legislature; Missoula Democrats
Downloads: 131
[movies]Democrats your Daddy is the devil - Exzucuh Thomas Williams
Gambling, homosexuality,same sex marriage, Abortion, banning God, taking away prayer, banning evangelism, ect... Democrats are the best friend the devil ever had. They should change their name to Demoncrats.
Keywords: democrats; devil; daddy
Downloads: 161
[movies]The Coffee House - Forum - Mark Cohen
Sam Smith, editor of the Progressive Review -- www.prorev.com -- considers the poliitcal implications of Al Gore's forceful criticisms of the Bush Administration for the Iraq war, warrantless wiretaps, and global warming
Keywords: Gore; Democrats; president
Downloads: 243
[audio]NC Dem News Break - Brian Edwards
First Episode Of The NC Dem News Break Podcast.
Keywords: NC; Democrats; Democratic; Newsbreak
Downloads: 809
[movies]Don't Be a Di_k - uhsinner
Animation based on a guy I know and his attitude. I used blender (open source free) and some other software including Jodix Free iPod Video Converter (freeware) to convert it to mp4.
Keywords: uhsinner; democrats; blender
Downloads: 126
Bob Hope on Democrats
Keywords: Bob Hope; Democrats
Downloads: 352 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]DoubleSpeak, Episode 3 with Sen. Harry Reid and John Aravosis - Matthew and Peter Slutsky
At the intersection of radio, blogs, and grassroots politics, you'll find DoubleSpeak. On today's episode we have Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada; John Aravosis of AmericaBlog. Commentary from Cyril Dadd. Music by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Jive Five Minus Two, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
Keywords: politics democrats liberal podcast
Downloads: 370
[unknown]Usenet groups within lt.politics from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "lt.politics", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: lt.politics.democrats
Downloads: 1
[audio]Bob Hope
Bob Hope Sound Bite on Democrats
Keywords: Bob Hope; Democrats
Downloads: 30,291 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Rinkimai Veza Justas Pankauskas
Justas Pankauskas talkink about Lithuanias jobs gain with help of Russia and China
Keywords: Kremlin; Pankauskas; Social Democrats; Lithuania
Downloads: 10
[audio]April 22: Students in Politics and the Chevalier d'Eon
Kara Freedman presents interviews Jared Calvert, President of the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges and Carson Williams, President of the 5C Republicans. Kip White speaks with Professor Gary Kates about the curious history of the Chevalier dâEon. From last semester, Kevin Amirdjanian asks Professor Juhasz for her views on the significance of YouTube and other social media.
Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; France; history; YouTube
Downloads: 34
[audio]Rep Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) Delivers GOP Weekly Address on Student Loans 7-6-13
Republican address calls on Senate Democrats to pass bipartisan student loan reform when the upper chamber returns to work next week.  It was Senate Democrats’ failure to act that caused the interest rate on many student loans to increase on July 1 – an outcome Republicans worked for months to avoid.  Delivering the address is the vice chair of the House Republican Conference, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), who has two kids in college.
Keywords: Congress; Student Loans; Republicans; Democrats
Downloads: 7
[audio]Arkansas Tonight October 15 Show - Don Elkins
Arkansas Tonight for October 15th, both hours
Keywords: Arkansas; Elkins; politics; radio; democrats
Downloads: 129
[audio]Episode 6, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) - Matthew and Peter Slutsky

Keywords: politics democrats progressive talk radio
Downloads: 1,298
[audio]Monmouth County Democratic Convention - Melissa L. Gaffney
Chairman Victor Scudiery spoke during the Monmouth County Democratic Reorganization Meeting on Tuesday, June 10. In this clip, he wishes Monmouth County Republican Chairman Joe Oxley good luck and talks about the exciting year ahead for the Democrats - not only in Monmouth County, but nationwide.
Keywords: Victor Scudiery; Monmouth County; Democrats
Downloads: 84
[movies]Down Time at the MFCD Conference - Danny Abosch
The Thoughtful Dems kill some time doing...who knows what. Be sure to check out the real MFCD episode on our DEMTV podcast!
Keywords: MFCD Michigan Federation College Democrats
Downloads: 290
[movies]On the road with Ned Lamont - Elizabeth Jones
MyDD goes on the road with Ned Lamont during his bid for U.S. Senate.
Keywords: Ned Lamont; Connecticut; Democrats; Senate
Downloads: 88
[movies]Why did Democrats lose in Massachusetts - Brave New Films
Video on the senate race in Massachusetts.
Keywords: Brave New Films Massachusetts Democrats
Downloads: 12
[movies]Kristdemokraterna - KD Vision - Kristdemokraterna
Kristdemokraternas partiledare Goran Hagglund presenterar KDs vision.
Keywords: kristdemokraterna; christian; democrats; sweden; vision
Downloads: 46
[movies]Kristdemokraterna - Forbattrad Garantipension - Kristdemokraterna
Antligen far de med de allra lagsta pensionerna mer i planboken varje manad. Kristdemokraternas ihardiga arbete for pensionarerna har gett resultat. Vi har valt att prioritera den som far minst i pension.
Keywords: kristdemokraterna; christian; democrats; sweden; garantipension
Downloads: 28
[audio]Democrats Win Control of Senate 2006
Democrats Win Control of United States Senate in the 2006 elections, an analysis by political author, analyst, webmaster Steve Watson.
Keywords: US Politics; Democrats; Congress Republicans
Downloads: 23
[texts]L. Sandy Maisel - American Political Parties And Elections. A Very Short Introduction
From the Foreword:"The reader will judge how well I have distilled the complexAmerican electoral process to its core elements and have discussedthe implications of these elements for governing. My goal was toaccomplish these tasks so that the reader can follow an electionand critique the system knowledgeably. More than that, I sought toevaluate the process against rigorous democratic criteria, theprinciples to which Americans hold dear...
Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; GOP; ballot; elections
Downloads: 27
[audio]Chris Matthews how Obama won the election - Chris Matthews
how Obama won chris matthews
Keywords: how obama beat the democrats
Downloads: 59
[audio]Radio SD - 17 Maj 2008 - Sverigedemokraterna
Radio SD med Staffan Arnberg och David Bergquist.
Keywords: radio; sd; sverigedemokraterna; sweden; democrats
Downloads: 22
[audio]Radio SD - 10 Maj 2008 - Sverigedemokraterna
Radio SD med Arnold Bodstrom.
Keywords: radio; sd; sverigedemokraterna; sweden; democrats
Downloads: 22
[audio]Radio SD - 3 Maj 2008 - Sverigedemokraterna
Inspelat radioprogram med Per-Olof Jansson och Leo Sundberg.
Keywords: radio; sd; sverigedemokraterna; sweden; democrats
Downloads: 41
[audio]Radio ND - 11 September 2005 - Nationaldemokraterna
Nationaldemokraternas radio. Richard Carlberg tar up fragan om feminismen.
Keywords: radio; nd; nationaldemokraterna; national; democrats
Downloads: 19
[audio]Radio SD - Januari 26, 2008 - Sverigedemokraterna
Radioprogram med David Lang.
Keywords: radio; sd; sverigedemokraterna; sweden; democrats
Downloads: 48
[audio]Radio ND - 4 September 2005 - Nationaldemokraterna
Nationaldemokraternas radio. Med Vávra Suk, som fortsätter om sitt besök hos BNP under Red, White & Blue-festivalen.
Keywords: radio; nd; nationaldemokraterna; national; democrats
Downloads: 25
[audio]Episode 8, Kweisi Mfume - Matthew and Peter Slutsky
Episode 8, Kweisi Mfume
Keywords: politics liberal democrats progressive podcast talk radio
Downloads: 3,005
[audio]Episode 7, Darcy Burner and Gov. Christine Gregoire (D-WA) - Matthew and Peter Slutsky
DoubleSpeak with Matthew and Peter Slutsky, Episode 7 with Darcy Burner and Gov. Christine Gregoire (D-WA)
Keywords: politics liberal democrats progressive podcast talk radio
Downloads: 3,143
[audio]Paying Attention 2 1 14hr 1
Tom interviews State Rep Colleen Gary about Voter ID, the latest in Dracut,
Keywords: Colleen Gary; Voter ID; Dracut; Democrats
Downloads: 1
[audio]Al From at Politics & Prose
This is an audio recording of Al From, author of The New Democrats, at Politics & Prose Bookstore on November 24, 2013.
Keywords: Al From; New Democrats; Politics and Prose
[audio]Citizen Against Lies episode #30 - Shelly L.
Warning to Republicans: Podcast #30, direct link above. Pictured above is Coleen Rowley, ex-FBI agent, just one of the non-Republican candidates who has to win in 2006. Looking ahead to 2006 and good riddance to the disastrously 'mandated' 2005! The "I Offensive" [Impeachment] just might commence as soon as we rid Congress of its Republican majority, and then we can get the ball rolling with prosecuting these impeachable offenses...
Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; politics; wiretapping; impeachment; bush
Downloads: 86
[audio]Citizen Against Lies #25 -- Freedom, Rampant Paranoia, and A Bad Reaction to Terrorism - Shelly L.
There is a kind of sickness in the United States and it's not the avian flu. It's called paranoia and corporate greed. The paranoia is not unlike the paranoia of the 1950's when McCarthyism ran rampant through the U.S. Back then the big bad scary monster was "Communism" and it threatened Americans' very way of life -- or so they said. Today Americans are being kept in a similar state of paranoia, only our bogeyman today is the terrorist...
Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; politics; wiretapping; impeachment; bush
Downloads: 74
[audio]Democrats' Prayer Thanks God for Abortion - The 414 Project - 9.4.13 - 414 Project
One of the more frequent questions that is asked given the direction the modern Democrat Party leadership has taken the group is, âCan a Christian be a Democrat?â Peter Heck answers that question by reminding believers that their allegiance to the Kingdom of God supersedes all earthly clubs, associations and letters we attach to the end of our names. Whatever club we associate with, it is clear that a believer is to stand for righteousness and truth even when it contradicts what those around u...
Keywords: 414 Project; Peter Heck; Democrats; abortion
Downloads: 28
[audio]DoubleSpeak Episode 4 - Matthew and Peter Slutsky
Jennifer Brunner Harry Taylor Music by Jonathan Coulton and the Violinaires
Keywords: podcast politics democrats liberal progressive talk radio
Downloads: 75
[audio]Audio Recording of the Town Hall Meeting for Chair of Ohio Democratic Party - Ohio Honest Elections
This is a audio recording of the Town Hall Meeting Hosted by Ohio Honest Elections campaign.
Keywords: democrats; election fraud; 2004; ohio elections
Downloads: 90
[audio]Radio ND - 11 Mars 2007 - Nationaldemokraterna
Nationaldemokraternas radio med Niklas Franzen. Nyhetssvep och musik.
Keywords: radio; nd; nationaldemokraterna; national; democrats; sweden
Downloads: 35
[audio]28th District Michigan State Senate Debate
Debate between the Democratic (Albert Abassee) and Republican (Mark Jansen) candidate for Michigan's 28th State Senate District. The district includes the Cities of Walker, Wyoming, East GR, Rockford, and Cedar Springs, and the Townships of Alpine, Algoma, Byron, Caledonia, Cannon, Courtland, Gaines, Grand Rapids, Nelson, Oakfield, Plainfield, Solon, Spencer and Tyrone.
Keywords: elections; democrats; republicans; michigan; senate; voting
Downloads: 209
[audio]DoubleSpeak, Episode 5 - Matthew and Peter Slutsky
Mark Brzezinski
Keywords: liberal democrats progressive podcast talk radio slutsky
Downloads: 1,387
[movies]Sheffield - Cut the Corporate Elite - Sheffield Indymedia
Video from protests in Sheffield on 12th March 2011 against the Liberal Democrat Conference which was held at the City Hall.
Keywords: protest; liberal democrats; indymedia; sheffield; uk
Downloads: 13
[audio]Einstein for President - Adrian Vance
The RINOS are despondent that our candidates are so funky as the Democrats have built an aristocracy of the intelligentsia. As a former college faculty brat I say that is a big mistake as "smart people" give up a lot to get that way. The result is a bunch like we have in Washington, arrogant and amazingly stupid.
Keywords: aristocracy of the intelligentsia; arrogance; Democrats; RINO
Downloads: 6
[audio]Rok N Rell Radio Episode 2 Part 1 - Roklan and Relly Soprano
Our Second Episode in the newest talk news radio to hit the airwaves
Keywords: News; Fox; Radio; Talk; Republicans; Democrats
Downloads: 7
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